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Karolina Zakaitė.

Two weeks ago I were in Monza, European Day Of Integrated Sport. I really liked it. The hotels were amazing, very comofortable and nice. Food was very good, one of the best food I've ever tasted. We all really liked it.  The main day of the event was very great. Lithuanian team learned karate performance in less than an hour, which was a litlle unexpected but very useful. People who organised the event was very proffesional because a few people from our team didn't have kimono's but they got in like 15min. For me, it was an amazing experience to see that everyone can do sports, from kids, to seniors and people who has a genetic disorder. Everything were organised wvery well and eveything was proffesional. The only thing we were a litlle annoyed by is that the bus to leave from hotel were very late. But this is the only negative thing.
We also really liked the last day in Milan because we saw many thing and visited a few famous places in one day. We hope to see you next year.

Thank you, again.


Musarat Inayat

Sorry I have been busy catching up on my back log but would like to say a huge thank you for the a brilliant event.  After the Friday day hick up Saturday was brilliant day for everyone.  I would also like to say thank you to Carmelo and his team at Brindisi.  They were great help and lovely people.  I have sent you some photos through google drive for you to look at.  You may be able to use them for your project but I know there was  professional camera man and photographer taking photos too at the event.  
I will be disseminating the event on our website.
Many thanks and regards


Codrin Cobzaru

Here is another message from somebody in my team, Mioara Stanica wrote this for you:

"Grosseto Ciao !! Certo, ho avuto un'esperienza unica nel sport integrato, io sono con i miei amici sulla sedia a rotelle da 7 anni e ho ancora da imparare.Ho esperimentato qualcosa di nuovo e sorprendente interesante,per me e per i miei amici.Il concorso con gli cani e stata davero interesante,e per prima volta! Ho incontrato persone eccezioali,che hanno fatto sentirni davero bene!Ringrazio Alessio e Indre,due persone meravigliose"
Have a great day!


Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti

E' stato un successo degno dei grandi avvenimenti.

Oggi, molti, troppi parlano del sociale, ma pochi veramente pochi hanno il coraggio di grandi azioni.

La data del 23 maggio per European Day of Integrated Sport deve essere incorniciata per futura memoria.



Nikos Karitinos

I had the honor to be a part not only of a team that was competing for a piece of a metal. I had the honor to be part of an IDEA, of a GREAT VISION that all people will be ABLE for everything. I really had great lessons, LIFE lessons, that are difficult to be described in a few lines. The final conclusion from all this effort is that everything is possible. There is no ability or disability. THERE IS ONLY "I WANT" AND "I DON'T WANT". If you want, then somehow you can make it . Only one thing is necessary.... STRONG HEART.... We, all together (and this is where power is), have proved that disability is a term that in the future may not be applied on people. ALL OF US, TOGETHER, WON THE RIGHT TO BE EQUAL IN LIFE!!!
Torino team made an excellent job. But the most important thing is that you, Gianluca, Francesca, Eliza( sorry from a lot of people for not mentioning their names) offered us your heartcoming were not just a typical team escort, you became our friend by giving us the chance to discover the real way of having fun in Torino. When everybody was in "I am done" mood, YOU were starting all over again..............thanks to you we were not typical tourists in your more than beautiful city. Even for a few hours we became "Torinians"!!!!!!!!.............Personally I loved my Torinian transformation!!!!!! For once more and from the deep, deepest bottom of my heart.......sincerelly THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Codrin Cobzaru

On behalf of STEP Romania and the participants that represented our organization we want to thank you for the incredible event you organized. There is absolutely no book, internet site or media material that can show us what integrated sport is and what it stands for. The only way to truly understand it is to be part of it and we are were part of it, for this we send a big  THANK YOU for CSEN and all the other partners from the 12 countries involved.  
In all the 3 locations Grosseto, Torino, Aosta our delegations felt like at home, the hospitality, commitment and general joyful  spirit of the people involved made us all feel that we belong to a great family.
For our organization this was only the beginning, as we returned home not only with great memories and gained experience, but with a lot of ideas,  plans and partnerships for future projects and activities in the field of sport in general and Integrated Sports in Particular.
We send another THANK YOU to the volunteers that helped us during the activities.



Codrin Cobzaru

Before arriving to Grosseto, we dind't know what to expect. We had information about the sport disciplines,  the program, other participants, logistics etc., but also we had fears  regarding the whole experience. From the moment we met the staff coordinated by Alessio Pernazza all the fears dissappeard and we didn't felt like guests but we felt like friends.
The whole experience and the development of the activities that took place there exceeded our expectations. The Baskin event offered us the possibility to explore two different approaches on Integrated Sport: a social approach and a competitive approach.The "Trio Agility Dog" event was something completely new and innovative that had a great positive impact on our participants.
The conference and group debate  we had with all the delegations  at the end of the activities helped us understand better the concept and benefits of Integrated Sports.
We want to thank you for all of this and hope that future collaborations that we established in Grosseto  and plans for the future   to be accomplished as soon as possible.
Once again THANK YOU, we came as guests and left as friends!



Karlheinz Sölch

the german team has reached the home very well.
So let me say once more a big “thank you” to you an and your excellent team from Aosta. We came as stranger to Aosta and leave as friends!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen



Juanjo Siles

Everything was perfect. Your Torino Team is Great!!! They took care of us perfectly. Good Job!!!

Ghinoiu Iulian Nicolae

I have received a positive feedback from all 3 delegation of our organization.Thank you for a great experience!
Best regards

Aleksandra Sikorska-Ellwanger

We arrived home safely, the whole German team. We are very happy we could take part in the event, for us it was a great experience, the participants were really pleased to be there.


Herbert Spindler

It was a fantastic meeting we have had in Messina. Very nice football games, good teams and a lot of fun for all who have been involved in this event.
You should have been part!

I wish you time for relaxing after such a great project.

Roma      Aosta     Sassari

Andrej Klapica

vorrei ringraziarvi moltissimo per la vostra cordiale accoglienza.
Questi giorni sportivi sono stati per noi un vero arrichimento e aspettiamo con grande gioia di organizzarli a Piešťany.
Tutte le persone vi salutano cordialmente.
Salutiamo con molta gioia anche i coordinatori regionali di Roma, Aosta e Sassari
Cordiali saluti


Fatah Sebbak

Ont as passer un weekend formidable, un super hôtel, une très bonne compétition, et une super organisation, pour cela au nom de mon équipes françaises, je remercie toutes les personnes qui ont travaillée sur ce projet, les athlètes présents et leurs coach, et je remercie particulièrement Delia Piralli la responsable de la journée, au elle était disponible et à l'écoute, et bien sur notre interprète Elisa pour ca gentillesse et ca disponibilité tous le weekend.
Je conseil a tous les handikaratékas de participé a cette compétition de les prochaines éditions.
Encore un grand merci
Fatah Sebbak
France team


Franck Duboisse

Encore 1000 fois merci à tous les protagonistes de ce remarquable événement ! Une organisation riche et inoubliable avec comme cerise sur le gâteau : un grand cœur à l'italienne .
La raison pour laquelle je compte tant d'amis dans votre pays assurément .
Je suis sur et certain qu'en unissant nos énergies nous ne pourrons que faire grandir et améliorer une rencontre de cet ampleur... Et cela tant sur le plan sportif que sur le plan humain.
Au plaisir de se retrouver autour des tatamis
Ancora Grazie per tutto


Fonteney Jordan

J’ai participé à EUROPEAN DAY samedi 23 /05 avec l’équipe de France handi-karaté dans la catégorie handicap mental je  suis  FONTENEY Jordan
je tenais a vous remercier pour votre chaleureux accueil, et vous féliciter pour votre organisation  j’ai passé un très bon séjour en ITALIE, J’aimerais savoir si vous avez un site ou on peu récupéré des photos de la compétitions, je vous remercie d’avance j’espère à une prochaine fois



Stefka djobova

On behalf of the "Bulgarian Pescara team " I would like to  thank you for this fantastic experience, for the great hospitality and all unforgetable moments we had. I sincerely hope that there will be more projects and more opportunity to meet and work together in the future. 

Best regards,


Carolina Vila-Chã

Before anything, I am really thankful for the experience that you provided to our karate team. According their narrative the experience was just amazing! It was a 5 stars event and everything went perfectly good. But I am very happy to know that in Pescara everything went just perfectly! Definitely, your organization was fantastic! We got ideas from you to organize the local event.



I Support Europeanday

Claudio Borghi Vice sindaco di Grosseto e assessore allo sport comune di grosseto
Claudio Borghi
Look Picture
ENEL BASKET BRINDISI squadra di pallacanestro di seri A attualmente impegnata nei Play Off
Look Picture
Aleksandra Sikorska, Cham Germany
Look Picture
Blindenfußball Team from VSV and BFW Würzburg
Look Picture
Look Picture
Geiger Kampfsportschule
Look Picture
Nora Ellwanger and Britta Gottschling, Athletes from the Technical University of Munich.
Nora Ellwanger and Britta Gottschling
Look Picture
Componente della squadra nazionale del basket in sedia a rotelle della Bulgaria.
Ivaylo Petrov
Look Picture
Il pluricampione del mondo di Karate Lucio Maurino
Lucio Maurino
Look Picture
VHS Cham Managing Director Winfried Ellwanger and Karl-Heinz Sölch from the Landratsamt Cham
VHS Cham
Look Picture
Progresit Slovacchia
Look Picture
Look Picture
Look Picture
VHS Cham with German delegates
Look Picture
Luca Panichi "Lo scalatore in carrozzina". Leggi le sue imprese
Luca Panichi
Look Picture
Irma Testa, campionessa del mondo youth 51kg Roberto Cammarelle, oro olimpico Pechino 2008, argento olimpico Londra 2012, bronzo olimpico Atene 2004, nei pesi supermassimi
Irma Testa, Roberto Cammarelle
Look Picture
Romano Battisti, argento olimpico nel 2 di coppia ai Giochi di Londra 2012
Romano Battisti
Look Picture
Clara Maria Cesarini, campionessa italiana 2013; Francesca Tognetti, campionessa del mondo junior a staffetta 2014
Clara Maria Cesarini, Francesca Tognetti
Look Picture
Riccardo Viola Presidente CONI Lazio
Riccardo Viola
Look Picture
Rita Visini Assessore Politiche Sociali e Sport Regione Lazio
Rita Visini
Look Picture
on. Paolo Masini, Assessore Scuola, Università, politiche della memoria, sport, politiche della qualità della vita e partecipazione attiva dei cittadini di Roma Capitale.
on. Paolo Masini.
Look Picture
Rita Sassu Europe for Citizens Point Italy, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo
Rita Sassu
Look Picture
Mario Pappagallo Vice Presidente Nazionale CSEN e Presidente Comitato Provinciale Roma
Mario Pappagallo
Look Picture
Sara Pietrangeli Agenzia Nazionale per i Giovani
Sara Pietrangeli
Look Picture
Alessandra Tomai Dirigente Area Programmazione, Offerta Formativa e Orientamento dell'Assessorato Formazione, Ricerca, Scuola e Università Regione Lazio
Alessandra Tomai
Look Picture
Marco Valenti Agenzia per la Coesione Territoriale
Marco Valenti
Look Picture
Stefano Cortini, Adriana Calì Europe Direct Lazio
Stefano Cortini, Adriana Calì
Look Picture

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