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Venue: ASU

Address:  Via Lodi 1 Udine

Sport disciplines:


wheelchair fencing

Integrated bowshot



clinoriContact person

Name: Giuliano

Surname: Clinori

Address: Via Valdagno 35 33100 Udine UD

Telephone number: +39 0432624844

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









staff udine



Saturday, May 23rd 2015
8:30 am – breakfast and transfer to the location of the event (ASU)
10:00 am – beginning of the event with introductive intervention (live streaming from Rome and all other national venues of the event
– Symbolic gesture for start of activities
– Integrated sport demonstrations
– Photo and video taking during the initiative
– Prize giving to the participants
– Institutional greetings and closing of the event
– 6:30 pm – Official greeting by authorities at the “Sala del popolo” (=Hall of people) in Udine Castle
8:00 pm – dinner with typical regional dishes and products for all the delegations, including the Italian one, and institutional guests at the “Sala della contadinanza” (=Hall of farmers) in Udine Castle. Local producers of regional typical specialties will be present. Gadgets and samples of regional food and beverage specialties will be freely distributed.

Sunday, May 24th 2015
8:30 am – breakfast
Guided tours
Option 1
9:30 am- transfer to Venice by coach
11:30 am- boat tour of Venice- stop in San Marco square
3:00 pm departure of delegations for home countries from Venice Airport or Trieste Airport
Option 2
-sightseeing tour of Aquileia and Grado- lunch
-transfer to Trieste; tour of Trieste castle; departure of delegation for home countries from Venice Airport or Trieste Airport
Option 3
Sightseeing tour of Cividale- Miramare Castle- Trieste- departure of delegation for home countries from Venice Airport or Trieste Airport

Other sport activities linked to the European Day of Integrated Sport:
Agility dog competition valid for Wao selection (Malina dog) 10 am to 3 pm all categories
Performance of rhythmic gymnastics
Performance of artistic gymnastics
Demonstration of integrated karate
Bowshot (integrated archery) competitions
Performance of Parkour

Sponsored by
Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region
Regional council of Friuli-Venezia Giulia – President Franco Jacop
Province of Udine
Friuli –Venezia Giulia Archery- delegate Lido Martellucci
“Veterans of Sport” Dino Doni, Udine
Panathon Club of Udine
Fai Play Italian National Committee 


I Support Europeanday

Claudio Borghi Vice sindaco di Grosseto e assessore allo sport comune di grosseto
Claudio Borghi
Look Picture
ENEL BASKET BRINDISI squadra di pallacanestro di seri A attualmente impegnata nei Play Off
Look Picture
Aleksandra Sikorska, Cham Germany
Look Picture
Blindenfußball Team from VSV and BFW Würzburg
Look Picture
Look Picture
Geiger Kampfsportschule
Look Picture
Nora Ellwanger and Britta Gottschling, Athletes from the Technical University of Munich.
Nora Ellwanger and Britta Gottschling
Look Picture
Componente della squadra nazionale del basket in sedia a rotelle della Bulgaria.
Ivaylo Petrov
Look Picture
Il pluricampione del mondo di Karate Lucio Maurino
Lucio Maurino
Look Picture
VHS Cham Managing Director Winfried Ellwanger and Karl-Heinz Sölch from the Landratsamt Cham
VHS Cham
Look Picture
Progresit Slovacchia
Look Picture
Look Picture
Look Picture
VHS Cham with German delegates
Look Picture
Luca Panichi "Lo scalatore in carrozzina". Leggi le sue imprese
Luca Panichi
Look Picture
Irma Testa, campionessa del mondo youth 51kg Roberto Cammarelle, oro olimpico Pechino 2008, argento olimpico Londra 2012, bronzo olimpico Atene 2004, nei pesi supermassimi
Irma Testa, Roberto Cammarelle
Look Picture
Romano Battisti, argento olimpico nel 2 di coppia ai Giochi di Londra 2012
Romano Battisti
Look Picture
Clara Maria Cesarini, campionessa italiana 2013; Francesca Tognetti, campionessa del mondo junior a staffetta 2014
Clara Maria Cesarini, Francesca Tognetti
Look Picture
Riccardo Viola Presidente CONI Lazio
Riccardo Viola
Look Picture
Rita Visini Assessore Politiche Sociali e Sport Regione Lazio
Rita Visini
Look Picture
on. Paolo Masini, Assessore Scuola, Università, politiche della memoria, sport, politiche della qualità della vita e partecipazione attiva dei cittadini di Roma Capitale.
on. Paolo Masini.
Look Picture
Rita Sassu Europe for Citizens Point Italy, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo
Rita Sassu
Look Picture
Mario Pappagallo Vice Presidente Nazionale CSEN e Presidente Comitato Provinciale Roma
Mario Pappagallo
Look Picture
Sara Pietrangeli Agenzia Nazionale per i Giovani
Sara Pietrangeli
Look Picture
Alessandra Tomai Dirigente Area Programmazione, Offerta Formativa e Orientamento dell'Assessorato Formazione, Ricerca, Scuola e Università Regione Lazio
Alessandra Tomai
Look Picture
Marco Valenti Agenzia per la Coesione Territoriale
Marco Valenti
Look Picture
Stefano Cortini, Adriana Calì Europe Direct Lazio
Stefano Cortini, Adriana Calì
Look Picture

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