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Regulations for refereeing

The regulations of the International Judo Federation with adaptations by the IBSA shall apply.

In judo events  there will always be one referee and two judges; judges shall take athletes from the tatami edge and accompany them to the their starting positions; when the contest finishes, judges shall accompany athletes to the tatami edge.

Two tape stripes (5cm wide and 10 cm long) will be placed on the ground, 100 cm away from the tatami centre; one stripe will be red and the other will be white; they will respectively mark the positions of each athlete both at the start and at the end of the contest. After initial salutation bow, athletes shall engage in the fundamental holds and the referee shall announce the start of the contest.


Distinctive marks on judogi

Athletes classified as  B1 (blind) must wear a red mark on the outer part of both sleeves; this must be  7 cm in diameter and must be placed circa 15 cm under the shoulder; 

If the athlete is deaf, he/she must wear a blue mark on the back of his/her judogi jacket, under the right shoulder; this must be of 7cm diameter. 

This serves the special referring rules.


Announcements by the referee

Every time the referee assigns a score, besides the conventional sign as established by the regulations, he/she shall  also announce  “ao” (blue) or  “shiro” (white). 

If the athlete is deaf, the referee shall  mark on his/her hand palm a K,Y,W or I (respectively: Koka, Yuko, Waza-ari, Ippon)