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Trio Agility Dog

he Trio Agility Dog was born in January 2015.
It is a totally new canine sport, inspired by Agility Dog, but with some really important changes that make it a true sport with dogs. It involves three subjects and is not about the TIME to finish a “lap of the race”, but about the accuracy of the exercise execution and the empathy between the dog and its handlers. Noteworthy, Trio Agility Dog involves handlers, not just a single handler, because three subjects are required in this sport, two people and a dog: namely a differently-abled person, an able-bodied one and a dog.

Minimum and maximum field dimensions:
• The minimum size of the field is 30x40 meters;
• The maximum size is 40x50 meters.

Equipment needed and allowed for the Trio Agility Dog:
• Equipment includes: slalom poles (or wave poles), A-frame, teeter-totter (or see-saw) long jump (or broad jump), open tunnel, closed tunnel, table (or pause table), dog-walk, hurdles, wall. No type of wheel is included in the Trio Agility.
• Equipment types and dimensions: types and dimensions of the equipment have to be the same as established by F.C.I (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

Trio Agility Dog requires two judges on the field at the same time. Each judge rates one trinomial at the time. When one trinomial finishes the performance, the next trinomial is allowed by the judge to enter the field, till all trinomials have performed.

One trinomial can “surpass” another trinomial under the judge’s direction and authorization. The judge allows the trinomial to pass to the next exercise; the judge shall let the “surpassing” trinomial pass to the next exercise without it disturbing nor hindering the performance of the trinomial which is being “taken over”.

Competition categories of handlers based on the trinomial skills:
There are two classes for handlers: BASIC and ADVANCED.

For Trio Agility Dog basic category, the use of the following equipment is foreseen: A-frame, long jump, open tunnel, table, dog walk, hurdles, wall. The number of exercises to complete is 12 with a minimum of 6 obstacles.

For Trio Agility Dog advanced category, the use of the following equipment is foreseen: slalom poles, A-frame, teeter-totter, long jump, open tunnel, closed tunnel, table, dog walk, hurdles, wall. The number of exercises to complete is 16 with a minimum of ten obstacles.

Competition categories based on the dog’s size:
• Little Dogs category for dogs measuring up to 35 cm at the withers
• Medium and Large Dogs category for dogs measuring over 35 cm at the withers.

Rules and Penalties:
During the course execution, whenever the dog makes a mistake while doing the exercise, penalties will be applied as described in the following table.

tabella 1 TRIO
• Exercises must be done in the established order as in Agility Dog. Exercises therefore will have a number at the right or left base (the number shall not hinder the exercise execution).
• The course is assembled by the judges; there shall be a 5 meter distance between an exercise and the next.
• The Trio Agility Dog course always starts with the hurdle exercise and finishes with the table exercise.

Penalties are the same as in FCI rules for Agility Dog (refusals and mistakes).
The judge will signal the penalty to the competition secretary by waving his/her arm with hand open (both for refusals and mistakes). However, the judge must have a form in which he/she writes down all penalties of a trinomial.
• Also handling penalties are foreseen- see exercise execution.
• Trio Agility Dog does not foresee elimination, all trinomial must complete the course, unless trinomial members express their clear will to withdraw.
• In case of withdrawal, the trinomial in not ranked.
In case of tie among trinomials, the following criteria will be used in order to establish the final ranking order:
1) Judgement of Empathy- Handling
2) In case there is still a tie, the lower number of refusals will be considered
3) In case there is still a tie, the lower number of mistakes will be considered
4) In case there is still a tie, ex-aequo will be assigned for 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

Exercise execution
Exercise must be performed as explained and illustrated in the following:
• Position at the start of an exercise: Handler A and handler B must be close to


one another, as shown in the picture. Distance between them shall be around 50cm and can be increased if one uses a mechanical walking frame (of any type). Handler A and Handler B can exchange their position with one another as they prefer.

• Dog’s position at the start of an exercise: Once the judge signals that the trinomial is allowed to start the exercise, the performance will proceed as illustrated: the A handler gives the dog the command in order for it to start the exercise Once the dog has executed the exercise, the B handler gives the stop command and reaches the dog.

Once this step has been performed, A handler reaches B handler going back to position.

This sequence will be followed again and again until the end of the course, alternating roles between A and B: in the second exercise it is B handler who gives the dog the start command
while A handler gives the dog the stop command.

If the handler does not give the dog the stop command, a penalty point for handling will be assigned; to start performing the exercise, the dog must be given the start signal by the handler whose turn is (A or B); if the dog begins performing the exercise without the start signal (whatever A or B turn is), a penalty for handling will be assigned.

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